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Is evolution the great lie? – part 2 May 5, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Science.

 Today we still learn to know why we are here and where we came from. Where did we come from and why is the universe the way it is ? Cosmic evolution (i.e. the big bang) attempts to explain this.

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1. Alejandro Rodríguez - October 22, 2012

Sorry but evolution is no lie. Take this from a Catholic who believes that faith and reason are complementary and not opposing to each other. Denying evolution is a great problem because then alot of the medicine we would have today would be lost since it is based on certain facts about biology which we know thanks to evolution. See Kenneth Miller, a Catholic who is an expert of the subject. There’s simply nothing wrong with this theory unless you are a creationist, something I’m sure copts are not known for. Denying evolution is what has given religion a very bad name lately and why alot of people have become disenchanted with it to the point that some even just downright hate it. Just go see the thriving atheist community of the internet. It is so easy to find an atheist (or more accurately an antitheist) these days that some of the most popular channels in youtube are atheist. Part of this hatred comes from the denial of science Evolution is not on trial by scientists, it is universally accepted, and the only ones who oppose it are intelligent design advocators, who are a very tiny minority of “scientists” that don’t really do science and haven’t produced anything to support their theory. Please recant this view. Science and religion hadn’t always been in conflict, in fact both have been very supportive of each other.

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