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A short prayer August 31, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Behaviour.


We thank You for everything dear Lord.

We thank You for allowing us the opportunity to talk to You and communicate with You. We are not even worthy of this opportunity, so we are thankful just for this the chance we get to speak to You.  

We thank You for our church, where the name of God is proclaimed.

We thank You for being free to praise your name daily.

We thank You being Christian, for having the opportunity to know and experience You. We have the word of God available to us at every turn. Many people have suffered to achieve this, and some never in their lifetime get access to this.

We thank You for the food we eat. We are fortunate to eat regular meals, a luxury of foods, and consistently. We thank You for the food we eat in celebration of the season. We are unworthy of this bodily satisfaction.

We thank You for the clothing we have. We thank You for keeping us warm in winter and cool in summer.

We thank You for our families, for our loved ones who support us continually and keep us moving.

We are sorry for all our sins which we have committed knowingly and unknowingly. All people we have offended intentionally and unintentionally. All people who are upset at us for whatever reason, we are sorry. We ask for Your forgiveness. We ask You to accept our repentance.

We ask You to promote love between all mankind. We ask You to promote happiness and joy between all people. We ask You to promote friendship rather than enmity. We ask You to promote forgiveness rather than bitterness.  

Help us to admit and take the blame for all our mistakes. Help us to stop with the excuses and circumstances, and take fault.

Help us to love everybody. Help us to treat everybody with respect

Let Your grace emerge in our trials and help those who are tempted

Grant us peace and quietness of mind

Give those who are in need, cure the sick and console the grieved

Fill our life with activity, work, and production

We do not ask You, God for ourselves only, but all mankind

There is so much more we can say…. Amen



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