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Stubbornness September 6, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Behaviour.

A humble person may give up his opinion and would possibly admit that he was wrong, and rectify the error…               

A meek person deals simply with everyone and never argues much or acts stubbornly. He considers the other opinion with respect and dignity as an unbiased person, not as an opponent. He honestly searches for what is good in it and if he finds it right, he accepts it…

Some people, when you talk to them, make you feel that their minds are completely locked to any understanding. Nothing is acceptable to them except their own opinion, and in a stubborn way they reject anything else without any discussion…

A person may continue in his stubbornness, no matter how many are opposing his opinion, no matter what their positions are and whether their talk is convincing or not…

This obstinacy could be due to buried pride, which considers giving up one’s opinion against dignity and self respect.

One might continue in his stubbornness for a long time, even for years. He might see the bad effects of insisting on and sticking to his wrong opinion and, in his stubbornness, would not care.

The heretics are an example of those stubborn people who did not listen either to all the Churches or the Synagogues and carelessly split the Church.

A stubborn person loses people as well as himself. He could also lose his faith and consequently lose eternity.

At the same time, he loses the purity of his heart… no humility, no love, no understanding and no gentleness…

There is a big difference between stubbornness and firmness in what is right. The stubbornness we mean is the persistence on what is wrong…

It is amazing how stubborn people justify their stubbornness as strength in personality, and they might imagine themselves as heroes in their resistance…

Some people, with a weak personality, might admire them. When they see themselves surrounded by many, their stubbornness grows more and more. They might think that the many in number support them, or it is evidence of the rightness of their opinion and attitude…

The Bible connects stubbornness to cruelty of heart…

The stubborn sinners who insist on their faults, are cruel in heart and the work of grace does not soften them… the apostle says to them, “…if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…” (Heb 3:7)   

H.H Pope Shenouda, Words of Spiritual Benefit (1984)



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