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Is laughter the best medicine (2) September 12, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Biblical, Science.

We spoke previously about the physiological effects of laughter on the human body. Much of the evidence of the effects appears to show positive health, like medicine. But is there any connection with laughter being the best medicine in the bible?


Perhaps there is a connection. Christianity is about being joyful, happy and free. We should always be in a state of rejoicing, rather than being depressed or anxious. There are many verses that speak about joy, perhaps the most clear is that one of the fruits of the Spirit is joy (Gal 5:22). Our focus here though is to explore if there is a link with laughter in the bible being an action to help our body.

Proverbs 17:22 says “A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones”. The word merry may not directly mean laughter, but it certainly means being cheerful, high-spirited and more. Being merry is associated with delight, offering fun and entertainment. I think it would be absurd to believe that a merry person would not be quick to laugh and offer fun in the right times.

A merry heart is a person who is constantly smiling at the joy of Christianity. This merry person does well for himself, equivalent to the positive effects of medicine. His health emotionally, physically, spiritually are well, just like taking medicine for healing.

But a broken spirit dries the bones; a spirit broken with sorrow, whether on spiritual or temporal accounts, weakens the nerves, dries up the marrow in the bones, and emaciates the body, and reduces it to a skeleton. The joy or grief of the mind, those passions of the soul, have a very great influence upon the body, either for its good or hurt.   

Grief, anxiety, and depression only bring harm to the person, not medicine. A merry heart appears to increase blood cell production and can maybe even substitute for a bone marrow transplant. Look at Isaiah 61:1 “The spirit of the Lord is upon Me for the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the broken hearted” (Isaiah 61.1). I believe that the brokenhearted receiving the cheerful news of salvation not only becomes healed spiritually, but also emotionally and physically.

Isn’t it amazing that the positive effects of laughter have been documented in recent times, yet the bible supported this all along over 2000 years ago. Truly Jesus Christ can heal our broken hearts as He is the true medicine.


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