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Who are you? October 1, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Unique.

Who are you?

This question reveals an answer that you might not expect.

If we are to look at ourselves and fundamentally answer this question at the most basic level, this is what we will find;

Are you not a mere handful of the dust of the earth..? You are even less than the dust.. You are nothing..[1]

Harsh perhaps, but fundamentally correct.

There was a time when you were not.. while the world existed.. without you.. Then God made you out of nothing. First he created the dust..then He made you of the dust[2].

Unfortunately though, many people seem to not know who they are. They are ignorant of this fact of truly knowing oneself and remember themselves as something they’re not.

Imagine how different the world would be if people remembered their origin…..

Imagine how many problems could be resolved if people remembered their origin…

Imagine the difference in relationships if people denied themselves rather than glorified themselves….

We could say so much on this topic, but for now we can only speculate on the effects.

[1] H.H Pope Shenouda, the release of the Spirit, 3rd edition 2004, pg 47

[2] Ibid.



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