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Wedding rings October 11, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Contemporary issues.

Recently I have been involved in a discussion about wedding rings; such as the price expected to pay, the influence a ring has on a relationship and whether or not common practice should have relevance today. Though some may think that by talking about this I’m looking towards getting married, they are mistaken as I did not start this topic but my friends initiated it. I have though contributed my opinions and documented others as to this wedding ring issue.

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1. kerestina - October 11, 2010

I agree with you Daniel, i don’t think it is necessary to have a 10k wedding ring regardless of how people wish to justify it. A ring like any other gift is a material object. It is a worldly desire and not something that will enhance ones relationship with Christ. Further can we NOT forget where diamonds come from and how slaves are used to dig for them!!!
In addition i’m going to have to agree with Daniel on the point that if your partner demands an expensive ring and the relationship is on the line because of it then the relationship is based on false premise. Love is unconditional 🙂

2. Michael - October 12, 2010

I have a slightly different approach to this whole concept. It is in fact true that the value of the ring should not matter in the eyes of the husband and wife, but we live in a competitive world, and – not forgetting our background – the husband does not marry the wife only, but her parents also. Parents will have a very subjective and influential idealism as to the acceptable price of a wedding ring. Parents of the wife, who are of a higher social status, would arguably agree on a higher price to be paid by the potential husband. By the same token, a lower status family would accept very much any option, as long as the daughter is married before she hits 30. The point here to note is that if there is financial compatibility between the families of the husband and wife, then price would not matter in the first place, as long as both parties agree on the same price.

3. daniel ayad - October 12, 2010

Thanks for the comments

Michael makes an interesting point “It is in fact true that the value of the ring should not matter in the eyes of the husband and wife, but we live in a competitive world ….

I wonder why the term competitive is used …

To me, this is an implication that if you do not conform and compete with others by purchasing an expensive ring, or matching the idealistic value of a ring a person has, you will lose out in the ‘competition’.

In other words if you do not match the ideals of others (value, social status) your relationship may end as the value of a ring matters too much.

Again, I argue that true love goes beyond any physical value placed on a ring, and any opinions that the wife or parents may have.

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