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Practical faith October 15, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Behaviour.

Faith is not just an adoption of some beliefs which we recite in the “Creed”… but it is rather a life we lead or a belief that leads to life…[1]

What is faith without actually having a relationship with Christ? What would be the point of saying I believe that a deity exists, but I have no connection with this deity?

What is the use of believing in eternity without actually striving to reach eternal life?

What use is there to believe in virtue without actually having any virtues?

Clearly there is a huge difference between theoretical and practical faith….

Theoretical faith will only get you so far, and you really have no fruits if you are locked into this theoretical faith.

I remember reading a quote a while ago which said “many people believe in God, yet it is quite another to know Him”. Indeed many people are Christian by name, not by nature.

Unfortunately this is the case for many people throughout the world. Many who are called believers do not actually have the heart of a believer, nor the practical life of a believer.

The life of a true believer is one who practices Christianity to all its teachings. It is the life connected with good conduct, submission to God’s will, strength in trial and tribulation, trust in God’s wisdom and love, looking to the eternal, fruitful works unconditionally, and so much more.  

It is this practical life, the life of faith, which we need to live…

[1] H.H Pope Shenouda, Life of faith, pg 9, 2nd edition, 1992



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