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Who created evil? November 12, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Unique.

I heard before in a survey that if you could ask God one single question, the most popular question would be if God is so loving and caring why does evil exist?

I think it is a valid and interesting question…  

Before answering the question we must come make note of God’s will and permission

It is incorrect to say that everything happens on earth except by God’s will, for various wrongs, evils, crimes and injustices take place all too frequently in the world, and how could all these be ‘according to the will of God’? Could all the killing, the adultery, the theft, fraud and lying that goes on in the world, ever be in accordance with God’s will?![1]

Most definitely all of the above is not according to God’s will, it is according to man’s evil desires. God does not like evil things to happen.

Therefore the belief that everything in life comes about according to the will of God is theologically incorrect, because everything would have to include the bad as well as the good. When bad things take place, it can never be in accordance with God’s will, for God never desires what is bad[2].

God only ever wants what is good. He wants all to be saved, and all to accept the knowledge of the truth. All the good on earth is in accordance with God’s will, but the evil is not in accordance with God’s will.

So who created evil? Evil exists because it was God who gave mankind free will. We have the choice to do good or evil; otherwise we would be automatic machines. Therefore man’s wrong desires and choices create evil. Maybe you’re thinking that because God created man, therefore ultimately God created evil. Again God tolerates the evil in the world, but it does not meet His approval. He tolerates what is not good, because it is the inevitable consequence of that freedom of choice which He has given to some of His creatures.  

Don’t fall into the misconception of thinking that God created evil and is the source of it….

[1] H.H Pope Shenouda, So many years with the problems of people – part 3, pg 137, 1999  

[2] Ibid



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