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Trusting in God, not man November 16, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Behaviour.

This month I started a new full time job. You might now be thinking who cares, what does this have to do with a spiritual blog. Well this form of news seemed to generate interesting discussion before and after I was appointed for the job. The action and reaction for a job, or any event really, will surprise many.

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. Many people will offer you helpful and hindering advice, but it’s quite amazing to hear the difference of opinion when people offer you advice that is career related.

After graduating in 2009, some students in my graduating year received early offers for full time employment. I didn’t, and we can argue from a number of positions as to the reason why some people receive full time employment and some do not but this is not necessary. Of course you have to do your best and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that you have the best chance of receiving employment, but it depends on a number of factors and things need to go your way.

As I did not receive full time employment by early 2010, I was left with little option but to work casual. Later on a full time job was offered, but there was a catch to it. The job involved relocating to the country side, approximately five hours from Sydney. What to do? Everybody would prefer to work full time rather than casual, but not everybody would like to live in the country. I analysed the two options and declined the offer after God’s guidance. There were too many negatives for me to relocate: no Coptic Orthodox church available close by, far from family and friends, and all my commitments and services in Sydney would have to cease.

What really drilled home was the thought that would be no church for months on end. The thought of no sacraments and no real spiritual atmosphere was too much to accept for me. The belief that there is no salvation without the church really stood out in the decision making process. So as I said I declined, against the advice of many parties who encouraged the relocation.

I wonder what you would do in if you were in my shoes. Would you take the guaranteed full time work and pay at the expense of spirituality? Don’t throw in the view that you could maintain or increase spirituality being alone and having more free time. There is no salvation without the church, and there is certainly no spiritual progress without spiritual guidance. You will never get this if you relocate where there is no church readily available.

Later on in 2010 I still received offers to work in the country and continually declined. I continued to work casual, never declining a single shift when I was available for work. People would continue to criticise the fact that I hadn’t received a full time job by late 2010. Some would blame my attitude, others would blame tactical decision making. Fair enough, I accepted the criticism and looked at it for the benefit of myself, but remember the criticism must be objective to be effective. Remember, I said earlier that some people offer helpful or hindering advice. You can only offer helpful advice by really knowing the situation, the career path, and the options available.

As time went by I finally received a full time job in Sydney near the end of 2010.  I had started to give up hope receiving a job this year, and was looking towards next year, but God intervened. After only a second job interview I received employment. The most ironic thing about the job was that I used to be a student at this high school. Wow, what are the odds? When I first started one of the old teachers who remembered me asked “did you ever think you would be back here?” I replied “no” and she just laughed.

Reflecting back all I can say is that “it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man” (Ps 118: 8). Even if I didn’t receive a full time job in Sydney by 2010 I still would trust in God rather than myself. I would personally never jeopardise spirituality just because some colleagues or friends tell me to take up the job offer. I learned not to worry or to be disappointed when things don’t go your way. They will go God’s way, in the end. I hope your experiences have taught you never to doubt this message ….


1. bishoymarcus - November 16, 2010

Realllllllllly Awesome Piece – Love IT

God Bless You Man

2. kerestina - April 3, 2011

this is really nice daniel 🙂

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