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Tough it out December 6, 2010

Posted by daniel ayad in Biblical.

As people get older, they should start to learn that life is tough. If you haven’t found life tough already, either you’re living in delusion, or you live in the outside world where everything seems perfect, even though it probably isn’t.


Why is life tough? Why do so many people commit suicide? Why do we seem to experience never ending problems?

Life is tough because God said it would be tough. He never said that you will live in total spiritual or material prosperity. God said to enter by the narrow gate. Yes the wide gate may be easier to walk through as the width is greater than the narrow gate, but it doesn’t lead to life, and only few will find it.

There is a huge misconception in Christianity that believing in God results in the end of problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. Believing in God equals hardship, suffering and affliction. It is constant battling, constant rebuke, and pain.

Recall David who said: “O God, the proud have risen against me, And a mob of violent men have sought my life, And have not set You before them” (Ps 86:14)

“Why do You hide Your face from me? I have been afflicted and ready to die from my youth; I suffer Your terrors; I am distraught. Your fierce wrath has gone over me; Your terrors have cut me off” (Ps 88: 14-15)

Except we are not doing justice to David who, despite all his suffering from King Saul and others, said: “Because You, Lord, have helped me and comforted me” (Ps 86: 17).

There are plenty of characters in the bible who have suffered tremendous amounts, such as: Job, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Steven. Job lost everything, including his wife who was still alive but told him to curse God. Isaiah was cut in two. Jeremiah was effectively stoned to death. Daniel escaped being killed by lions. Steven was stoned to death.

Remember Christ “And He began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again” (Mark 8: 31).

It would be totally illogical if Christ, the Anointed, suffered and we meek humans were not to suffer.

People commit suicide because life is tough, often cruel at times. The key difference though for suicidal people is that they have lost all hope. They feel hopeless and helpless, and give up. No resilience exists because they feel it will account for nothing.

People, and certainly Christians, will experience never ending problems. The problems will never stop….period. Problems do not decrease or go away just because you are a different age, race, or religion. You may experience different forms of problems depending on the circumstances, but problems always exist.

The key though to problems is how to react to them. Your attitude makes all the difference in the world when experiencing a problem.

There are many ways to deal with problems but only few approaches will reach effective solutions. We will discuss these another time.

It’s amazing how many people when reflecting upon one’s own problems, that one forgets the problems of others. I mean some people magnify their problems as if there is an atomic bomb nearby, when really it’s just like every other problem people face.  

Everybody has it tough….. trust me on that. Some may have it even tougher than others, as we know some incredible life stories out there of hardship. But still everybody has it tough, and nobody gets a free pass to prosperity.

Just try to remember this and magnify the problems in others next time before complaining about your own life, which is meant to be tough anyway.


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