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Breaking addiction – part 3 February 12, 2011

Posted by daniel ayad in Behaviour.

In our lives we are faced with temptation. God does not hinder temptations for a number of reasons. First, to teach us that we should not become proud of the greatness of our gifts because the temptations have the power to repress us; second, to assure that wicked demon who is doubtful for awhile about our desertion and departure from him, that we have utterly abandoned him; third, that in this way we can become stronger by rigors or trying experiences[1].

The devil would not launch an attack after us, unless he had seen us brought to greater honour and dignity.

It is hard to resist temptation, especially considering the conflict between the angel and the demon. The angel urges us to resist, but the demon presents thoughts in the opposite direction. “I am too weak to say ‘no!” or, “Just this time.” or “It’s too late now; I have already given in and look forward to doing it,” or, “I have never been able to say ‘no’, so why start now?” or, “No one will know if I am careful to escape notice,” or, “I deserve a treat right now.” These and their many companions seem to be our own thoughts[2].

We need to come to the realisation that there is a war going on. We are battling two opposing forces. One force urges us to pursue eternal life, while the other urges us to pursue self destruction through the misconception of happiness.

Do not accept the thoughts of the enemy. Do not think that what he says is true. He is the most experienced liar ever known! Do not be complacent and trust your logic. Do not even give him a chance!

Avoid places of temptation. Avoid them as far as possible. I’m sure that you know the path that leads you to sin. You know the method you have developed to commit sin. You know the initial signs, and you must replace this path with something good. Do not contemplate for a split second to walk down your old pathway to sin.

In reality we know how difficult it is to reject a temptation. However the best advice I can give is to flee from it. Flee and do not look back like Lot’s wife. Run for your life like Joseph when Pharaoh’s wife tempted him.  You just can’t accept the temptation and think that you can control it. The war is too fierce and too violent. Depend on God and never rely on yourself. Remember that when you fall down in battle, admit that you have lost the battle, but say with God I will win the war.

Fight to the very end and pray for each other

[1] Victor Mihailoff, Breaking the chains of addiction, pg 48, 2005

[2] Ibid., pg 72


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