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1st year anniversary May 4, 2011

Posted by daniel ayad in Unique.

Today marks one year since this blog has started. So its suitable to say happy aniversary!

I certainly never thought I would be writing spiritual/scientific material, but one thing lead to another and I have every intention to continue this blog as long as possible.

So what’s happened in the one year of the blog.

– We have published 92 posts. A handful of them are videos or written by other authors than myself.

– Almost 8000 hits! Though I suspect the vast majority of these viewers have not read a single post.  

– Posts from a variety of topics including biblical, history & tradition, contemporary issues, saints, science and sunday school.  

Do I think I have achieved anything great? …… no (it is all God in the end)

Do I have all the answers? ……. no (but I’m trying my best to find the answers!)

Do I hope that I have helped someone in their life through spiritual or scientific means?…… yes

I have maintained this blog because I want to help people. I need help, and so do you. If I have been of any assistance to somebody then I can find great value in the time spent for this blog. It is the greatest pleasure to share the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ to you, and reveal the joy of experiencing Him.  

I continue to ask for your prayers for the success of this blog, and the author who needs help.

What about the future?

– I am hoping to continue to write about the evolution series. I am currently reading and watching videos regarding the evolution theory and I hope to return to this series soon.

– I am hoping to expand on the history and tradition of the church and continue expanding the bible commentary posts.

– I am hoping to help you in any way possible and ask you to make time for God in some way (if your reading this then hopefully you make time for blogs and they offer some kind of help!)

Thank you to all who have made this possible, and foremost the Lord Jesus Christ who blesses this content to proclaim the good news to all the world in a correct way.

I hope you can continue to read the future posts and the 92… now 93 that have just passed.

Remember me in your prayers and I wish all the readers the very best

Daniel Ayad



1. Bish - May 4, 2011

Congrats Mate

Job well Done!


2. Fr Anthony - May 5, 2011

Hey Dan

Happy Anniversary my friend, it’s a great achievement indeed. I hope it goes on for many years to come. I myself have enjoyed the evolution blogs because they have scientific answers to scientific questions without getting the bible in the middle. The bible is not a science book and it should not be used as one.

Great work

3. gypojenny - May 12, 2011

Hey Dan that’s awesome!
To celebrate your 1st anniversary of your blog, you should check out my new one 😛 i hope you find it interesting… but if its not (coz its new) the next few blogs should be very interesting… oh and you should totally add me on ur blogroll!! 🙂
God bless

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