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Feeling the loss June 21, 2011

Posted by daniel ayad in Behaviour.

Many people do not feel the value of something until after they have lost it!

Some people will complain about various people and programs, but realise that they were of great benefit only when they have been lost.

For example a school student may not feel the value in education and its importance to his future until the end of the school year, after he has lost it…..He may drop out of school saying that education is not important but reflect back years later saying ‘if only I realised the value in school education I would be much better off today than where I am now’.

Some people will criticise a priest or deacon saying that we do not need him, but realise the value he brought when he is gone. I remember an old man who was a lead deacon that was frequently criticised. However once he had left, his knowledge and experience were greatly missed.

The friend who is not faithful to his friend loses him, and only feels his worth after he has lost him[1]….

The son who neglects to honour his parents mistreats them and only feels their value after he has lost them, whether it is through their death or by losing their approval or blessing[2]…..

A person who is not aware of the value of eternal life on earth will realise the importance of eternity once he has died. He will lose eternity forever and this is a great loss.

Peter did not fully feel the value of Christ until after he had lost him. When he denied him he realised the true value and importance of Christ, and wept in tears retrieving what he lost.

Judas did not feel the value of Christ until after he had lost him, when he lost all hope and went and hanged himself….

How nice it is if a person wakes up to himself and perceives the value of his situation before he loses it, especially something which cannot be retrieved once it has been lost[3]!!!

[1] H.H Pope Shenouda, Experiences in life, pg 102

[2] Ibid

[3] Ibid



1. bishoymarcus - June 21, 2011

Wonderful Post!

This is so certainly true – We have to live today and make the most out of it, letting tomorrow worry about its own.

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