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Is evolution the great lie – part 8? July 2, 2011

Posted by daniel ayad in Science.

Having looked somewhat into the question of the spontaneous upward chemical evolution of nonliving matter to life, we will now turn our attention to the question of the possibility of the spontaneous upward evolution of the living cell. We are discussing of life to more complex forms.

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1. bishoymarcus - July 2, 2011

Hey Daniel

I’m sure you will cover this later on i hope, it is evident in genetics that the genetic code never improves but is in continual deterioration.

In any cell the chromosomes all have telomeres at the end of the sequence. As such each time a replication happens these telomeres become shorter and shorter and so on.

Cancerous cells are able to stop this process and thus acquire an infinite replication potential. This means unlike normal cells where once the telomere is destroyed the cell is destroyed. The cancerous cell is immune to death because the telomere is never shortened.

Is this considered evolution? Has the cancerous cell evolved? If yes, then evolution is never for for positive gain, it leads to negative loss only.

You rightly state also that the outward appearance and function of an organ does not mean it has a common genetic ancestor, this is just stupid for any slight change in the dna sequence of any organ leads to incredible destruction. Consider Cru De Chat syndrome in humans, which is just a few incorrect sequences on chromosome 5 and the dire consequences such a small change has on an individual.

People who adhere to such rubbish are ignorant to the nth degree.

Looking forward to part 9

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