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Is God good? October 15, 2011

Posted by daniel ayad in Contemporary issues.

Is God good? …If He is, why is there suffering and evil?

Let’s assume for the moment that God is all powerful

This means that God can do anything that is logically possible

He can create galaxies, subatomic particles, rainforests and you….

But God cannot do what is logically impossible

He cannot make a square circle or a one ended stick

When God created human beings He wanted them to be free

Freedom is a good thing…but if humans are to be free they cannot be forced to obey God, because freedom without choice is not really freedom. No choice means no freedom.

God didn’t want robots, He wanted real people.

The first humans endowed with the power of free choice abused their freedom. The tragic consequences of their bad choice and our bad choices ripple across the world.

God is responsible for the fact of freedom, but humans are responsible for their acts of freedom.

So why would some members of the Egyptian army murder 24 people (mostly Coptic Christians) and injure hundreds during a PEACEFUL protest in Cairo? These people are simply abusing their freedom by committing evil acts.

It’s hard to explain what a person is thinking when he is driving a tank into a crowd of peaceful protestors. I’ve never seen somebody drive a tank at full speed (and even turn the tank to ensure that the people can be hit) into peaceful protestors. Even if they were not necessarily peaceful protestors, the bible teaches not to return evil for evil. (For those who do not know what I’m talking about see bishoysblog.com)

God permits evil acts, but He certainly does not agree to evil acts. Evil is never in accordance with God’s will.

Despite these recent tragedies, the Coptic Church is adding to its long list of martyrs. The church is suffering from people who abuse their freedom, which God gave to us. But these people are responsible for their acts, and they will make account to God Almighty.

But let’s remember we don’t suffer alone. God became a man to suffer with us. God will one day put an end to suffering and evil.   

God is good, even during the hard times when we may feel that He is not.

He gave us freedom because He wants real people like you to know Him, but the free choice is yours.



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