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Happy New Year! December 31, 2011

Posted by daniel ayad in prayer.

Happy New Year everyone! I’m wishing everyone a blessed 2012 filled with Christ and have compiled a short 2012 prayer below:

We thank You dear Lord for preserving our life for another year

We thank You for kindness, compassion and love for not just the last 12 months, but over our whole lifetime

We thank You for keeping us strong and faithful, by realising that we need to depend and totally trust in You

We thank You in all the successes and failures over the last year

We thank You for all the problems You have solved, and also for all problems that You have prevented from reaching us. You protect and care for us, even when we do not appeal to You for preservation

We ask You dear Lord, to make 2012 a blessed year …

A pure year to please You…

A year in which Your Spirit prevails and joins in working with us….

Hold our hands and guide our thoughts from the beginning of the year till its end…

Let the year 2012 be Yours, to please You….

It is a New Year, spotless; let us not tarnish it with our sins or impurities…

Lord, be with us in every work we intend to do this year….

Let this year, O Lord, be a happy year…

Put a smile on each face and gladden every heart…

Let Your grace emerge in our trials and help those who are tempted…

Grant us peace and quietness of mind…

Give to those who are in need, cure the sick and console the grieved…

We ask that Your word may reach every Church, mission and heart…

We ask You to guide our country and its leader the honourable Prime Minister Julia Gillard…

We ask You for the world’s peace that Your Kingdom may be everywhere…

Let it be a fruitful  year, full of goodness…

Everyday and every hour has its own work…

Do not allow a futile moment….but productivity in Your Kingdom

Fill our life with activity, work, production and the blessing of a holy toil

Let the Communion of the Holy Spirit be with us in all our deeds…

Remove pride, arrogance, lust, envy, bitterness, and the love of sin in our lives…

Remove bitterness and promote forgiveness between all people

Give joy to the face of the Earth

Help us to love everybody unconditionally and to never hold a grudge on any man

Help us to be a new creation in 2012 and to look favourably upon all people, regardless of anybody’s past

Promote positive relationships between brother to brother and sister to sister

Help us to shift our focus to You at all times, and to not be engrossed in materialistic or political issues….

We look forward to a blessed 2012 year, filled with Your Spirit



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