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Give thanks in everything…not for everything January 18, 2012

Posted by daniel ayad in Biblical.

The bible never commands us to give thanks for everything but rather to give thanks in everything “in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”. (1 Thess 5: 18). There is a big difference between the two, and it is pretty difficult to be thankful for many things. For example, if someone gets into a car accident do you give thanks for the car accident? Do you say “thank you God for smashing my car”. No. But do you give thanks in the car accident? Yes. Why?

A – It could have been worse, you could have died

B – You still have God’s love

C – You thank God that no-one else was injured (if it was a solo crash)

D – Maybe this accident is a wakeup call to your spiritual life? Often you later realise that there are several reasons you should be thankful in a car accident  

You may not be able to thank God for losing your job, but certainly even when you have lost your job you can still thank God in that situation. Why? You thank him that the green money you earn from a job is not what makes you rich in the end. You can still be rich even when you don’t have any green money.  

If nothing else we thank God that despite all the unpreparedness, all the unrighteousness, all the bitterness, resentment, anger and wickedness that we have towards God, that he still comes and invites us to the thanksgiving meal of Holy Communion.  

Remember your focus is on heaven, not on earth. “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven” (Matt 6: 19-20). With this focus it does not matter what my boss, neighbour or any human being says to me. No-one can take away my treasure in heaven.

Make sure that you have a heart of thankfulness, no matter what the external circumstances present.



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