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Calmness April 10, 2012

Posted by daniel ayad in Behaviour.

Calmness is definitely a beautiful characteristic of a spiritual person. Being a calm person is very healthy for yourself and for everyone around you. Calmness includes having a calm heart, nerves, thoughts, calm senses and ultimately calm actions of the body.
Being a calm person is ultimately connected with the virtue of humility. Saint Dorotheus said: “The humble person does not anger anyone, nor is he angered by anyone.”

He does not make anyone angry because he asks for the blessings and prayers of everyone. He is not angered by anyone because he always lays the blame for everything on himself. Whoever is in this situation lives in peace with all people. If he loses his humility, he loses his calmness. Likewise, the humble person does not lose his calmness because of running after desires, because he does not see himself as deserving of anything and he does not want to be raised above the situation in which he is already in.
Calmness has numerous benefits. A calm person can think in a balanced way and can solve his problems with through appropriate solutions. Saint Paul says, “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life” (1 Thess 4:11), and “Calmness can lay great errors to rest” (Ecc 10: 4).

Even in practical matters of life, calmness tends to produce better results. For example, cooking bread over a gentle flame cooks the bread more evenly compared to a fierce flame that burns the outside and undercooks the inside. 

The teacher who is calm and firm is respected by his students, but the one who rants angrily against his students with threats or reprimands and harsh words loses his students’ respect and becomes a joke. The students’ know that whenever they want to provoke the teacher they can do so easily just for fun.

God is undoubtedly the most outstanding example of calmness. For example, there are those who deny the existence of God or who worship stones and statues instead of Him, yet no rebellion is raised in heaven against them. God does not send down fire from heaven to burn them or destroy them.

Many people blaspheme against God, but He is calm. These blasphemers remain alive to live and enjoy themselves, as if nothing had happened.

Some men seek their revenge against God, but God still offers them opportunities to repent and return to Him.

God gives His blessings to everyone, both the wicked and the righteous. “He causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous”.

Indeed how great also is God’s calmness in his dealings with Satan! This evil being who opposes the Kingdom of God so violently, yet he still exists.

Look at the calmness of the Lord Christ when He faced insults, false accusations and challenges from various groups of people. Look at how He calmly accepted tremendous beatings and sufferings while being completely innocent and the Son of God! Look at how calm He was during His arrest, trial and execution, thinking of the best for others around Him!

Being a calm person all the time is definitely an extremely desirable characteristic in today’s world….



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