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Keep the shiny side up! September 17, 2012

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A fundamental principle of Christianity is to place your trust in the Lord. This principle is one of the most talked about, but is often very challenging to practice. The bible is loaded with verses that speak about trusting the Lord, and not placing your trust in any human being.

We often need to remind ourselves that when we sin, we have become enemies of God. “Friendship with the world is enmity with God” (Js 4:4). We have rejected and abandoned God who made us to live in Him forever. Despite our continual rejection of God, he never rejects us or ever abandons us. God never gives up on us, and wants every sinner to turn to Him in repentance.

Something interesting to discover is that the first several psalms all contain one common theme. They all emphasise to put your “trust in the Lord” at some stage in the Psalm. Psalm 1 says “Blessed is he who has put his will in the law of the Lord”, Psalm 2 says “Blessed are all who trust in Him”, Psalm 3 says “For the Lord is He who supports me”, Psalm 4 says “Offer the sacrifice of righteousness, and trust in the Lord”.

I wonder why the first few Psalms really talk about trusting in God? These Psalms are read in the first hour of the daily prayer book, meaning they are prayed in the early morning when starting a day. Perhaps the message is clear; trust in the Lord not only in the beginning of the day, but throughout the day and all the days of your life. With this trust you will find the support and comfort that you desperately need in this challenging world.

Our hope is not in this present world. We are only temporary here on Earth, and that is why when someone has passed away we say that he has departed to paradise. He is alive and not dead. Our citizenship is in heaven, not earth.

Our hope is in things unseen, and that is really the only reason why we can find some comfort in someone departing from the seen world.

We hope in all those who have rejected God that they will come to Him. We do not give up on them and cross them from our Sunday school lists or memory. We hope that one day they will come back to God in true repentance and live a transformed and glorious life. Our hope is in God and not man, because man breaks his promises and is not the One who can fill all our desires.

We take comfort in a big God who made this world so perfectly aligned for you to exist. We take comfort in our troubles that they will work together for good. We take comfort in our disappointments and heartaches, because when we are weak we are strong.

We learn not to worry or to be disappointed when things do not go our way. They will go God’s way, in the end, and always for the better.

We keep actively waiting on God, even if we disagree with Him. When God is for us, nobody can be against us.

We are battling together…..but we are victorious because our God always wins in the end!

God bless you a thousand fold……and keep the shiny side up.



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