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Raucous Receptions August 10, 2013

Posted by daniel ayad in History & Tradition.
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http://www.hemsleys.com.au/Just recently I came across a fantastic post by Fr Antonious Kaldas. The post discusses the topic of parties or receptions thrown by members of the Church that don’t reflect our Christian values.

The post was so intriguing and relevant, that I had to post it on my blog in case you didn’t catch it on his.

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doctrinal questions – part 3 August 10, 2013

Posted by daniel ayad in Biblical.
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doctrinal_statementSorry about not posting more regularly. If I had a good excuse I would provide one below, but I don’t. This post is the final part of doctrinal questions that random people may ask you to give an answer to the hope that is in you. These include:

I am offered to join a non-Orthodox Bible Study? What do you think of this?

Considering that the Bible is one, I anticipate that the teaching is the same?

But what is the difference between our way in teaching and theirs?

Why do we repeat the Liturgy during our worship? I am suggesting that we pray the liturgy every second week. In the spare week we could turn into a Bible study and singing and praying session?

more questions and answers below…