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Original scientists November 10, 2012

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In school today, most students get the impression that all the famous scientists believe in evolution. It would be surprising to most students that most branches of modern science were founded by believers in creation. In fact the list of creation scientists who founded science is very impressive and here is a small sample.

Physics – include Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, Kelvin, Joule

Chemistry – Boyle, Dalton, Ramsay

Biology – Ray, Linnaeus, Mendel, Pasteur, Virchow, Agassiz

Geology – Steno, Woodward, Brewster

Astronomy – Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Herschel

Mathematics – Pascal, Leibniz, Euler[1]



Keep the shiny side up! September 17, 2012

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A fundamental principle of Christianity is to place your trust in the Lord. This principle is one of the most talked about, but is often very challenging to practice. The bible is loaded with verses that speak about trusting the Lord, and not placing your trust in any human being.

We often need to remind ourselves that when we sin, we have become enemies of God. “Friendship with the world is enmity with God” (Js 4:4). We have rejected and abandoned God who made us to live in Him forever. Despite our continual rejection of God, he never rejects us or ever abandons us. God never gives up on us, and wants every sinner to turn to Him in repentance.


Return to God August 25, 2012

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Hi everyone. It has been a while since my last post but here is something short.

–          Do you ever have the feeling that you are a failure?

–          Or ever have the feeling that you have made too many mistakes to deserve forgiveness?

Well, join the club that says yes to the above.

We could go on and on, describing how many times we have fallen and chosen to separate from God by sinning. We have made too many mistakes to remember, and if you were to focus on the mistakes it will make you really feel like a loser.

But by the grace of God, Christ died on the cross for our forgiveness to live eternally in Him. We have the comfort knowing that when we return to God, we feel that He is present with us[1]. God was never away from us, but it is we who have left Him. It is sort of like us thinking that the Sun is leaving us in the evening, but it is rather us (the Earth) turning its back on the Sun.

We do not want to follow what is false. Sin blinds, binds and grinds!

Help us to return to You, O Lord, in order to receive forgiveness of our many sins…. and the relationships with mankind will follow.

In Christ, Daniel  

[1] H.H Pope Shenouda, Return to God, pg 50, 2005

Telling someone off July 13, 2012

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 It’s interesting to hear the views people have regarding the right to tell people off….and how to go about it. In an earlier post we discussed whether to scream or not to scream (found here screaming) and perhaps we can build upon this to explore the right to tell people off.


As we said earlier there is a big difference between holy and unholy anger. Sometimes a holy anger happens for God’s sake, BUT it does not have nervousness and loss of temper.


Why did God send Jesus when He did? June 21, 2012

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But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His Son. The first century was the perfect time for the birth of Christianity for several reasons encompassing a range of cultural, spiritual and administrative issues.

The first reason that seemed to make it ideal for Christ to come was the great anticipation among the Jews of that time that the Messiah would come. The Jews were the earliest church and thus the roots of Christianity reach back deeply into the history and religion of Israel, “salvation, is from the Jews..” as Jesus said.


To scream or not to scream May 26, 2012

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I’m so over the screaming of the world.

It seems like everywhere you turn there is somebody upset at something, and often the level of frustration reaches over boiling point into a scream.

Screaming is ultimately connected with a person’s heart, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Mat 12:34). You can speak well or not so well, either way what you say comes from your heart.


Don’t be harsh….but gentle May 1, 2012

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Have you ever been screamed at unfairly?

Have you ever been criticised, name called or victimised..?

Or maybe you are doing the screaming, criticising and victimsing….?


Calmness April 10, 2012

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Calmness is definitely a beautiful characteristic of a spiritual person. Being a calm person is very healthy for yourself and for everyone around you. Calmness includes having a calm heart, nerves, thoughts, calm senses and ultimately calm actions of the body.
Being a calm person is ultimately connected with the virtue of humility. Saint Dorotheus said: “The humble person does not anger anyone, nor is he angered by anyone.”


The Patriarchal Commentary March 24, 2012

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After watching the funeral for His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, the wonderful commentary of the Coptic Funeral rite of the Coptic Patriach was read out.

Attached is the link for the words and video, on this Coptic Funeral Rite (found on Bishoy’s and Amanda’s Blog – Our Coptic Orthodox Faith), and I think it is inspiring to all.


Pope Shenouda March 18, 2012

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Just yesterday, His Holiness Pope Shenouda, Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church passed away at the age of 88. He was the Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church for just over 40 years.

There are countless positive qualities that His Holiness demonstrated throughout his lifetime. He was a tremendous leader in everything that he did.